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New thing is bike

Posted: 21st April 2011 by affehaus in geek stuff, riding, tech

So… my first thought on this was, Ooh! Super-torque! My second was, oh– no noise [my girlfriend echoed the thought, but put it more eloquently… “no vroom“] Then, reading the article, 17 million? There are currently “17 million” electric bikes & scooters on the roads today? Given the number, I would have thought they’d be […]

If Batman had an iPad…

Posted: 19th April 2011 by affehaus in design, geek stuff, tech

this is the case he use. The G-Form iPad Extreme Sleeve is a soft cover that uses PORON® XRD™ to cause rigidity whenever impact occurs [place Viagra joke here]. They drop a bowling ball on the stunt-Pad in the promo video. Really. And it’s only sitty dolla. That’s pretty cheap security for protecting a, what… […]

The Briefcase Stereo

Posted: 1st April 2011 by affehaus in design, geek stuff, tech, things I need

1. Oh. My. God. I want this. 2. Why am I not in Australia? Retro Thing is offering the Briefcase Stereo that plays any platter you like, AM/FM, and freakin’ cassette! CASSETTE! I can listen to my H2G2 books-on-tape again (yes– I kept them. Not letting go). I realize this may be an April Fool’s […]