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All I Can Say

Posted: 5th January 2012 by affehaus in design, humor, tech

is YES. How to Make Your Shopping Cart [page] Suck Less via Boing Boing

Scratch-Built Carbon Fiber Violin

Posted: 7th December 2011 by affehaus in design, music, tech, things I need

From the How-to post at Boing Boing As to the ‘how-to’– quite frankly, I don’t really care. I just like the idea. And, I suppose it would be kind of cool to have one, just for appearance sake… but not cool enough for me to go to the effort of crafting it. So somebody buy/make […]

Do Electric Monkeys Fling Virtual Poo?

Posted: 7th October 2011 by affehaus in geek stuff, tech, things I need

Researchers at Duke University have developed a brain implant that allows monkeys to manipulate a prosthetic arm via mind control. “The animals used the device to control the arm by thought alone, and feel the texture of the objects it touched through electrical signals sent directly to their brains.” This is research intended to develop […]

New Thing Is [not] Bike

Posted: 12th September 2011 by affehaus in riding, tech, things I need

Ryno Motors (love the name) has developed an electric, balance-assisted unicycle. It’s got a range of about 30 miles, and apparently tops out around 20 mph… but it looks like serious amounts of fun. Serious amounts of fun that you can ride in the local shopping mall. I’m having visions of a new breed of […]

USS Enterprise Haynes Manual

Posted: 6th September 2011 by affehaus in book, cultural, geek stuff, movies, tech, things I need, tv

For the mechanically inclined. The Star Trek: U.S.S. Enterprise Haynes Manual provides in-depth information about these extraordinary ships – from Archer’s Enterprise NX-01 to Captain Picard’s Enterprise NCC-1701-E. Inside, you’ll find histories of each vessel, technical information about their systems, and discussions of key technologies such as transporters and warp-speed travel. I’ve never been fond […]

Too Hip for the Room

Posted: 1st September 2011 by affehaus in cultural, design, humor, tech, things I need

Jeremy Kalgreen has created a series of designs for “history’s greatest minds” called Monsters of Grok (“Grok“, as everyone knows, is ‘the most elevated state of understanding/empathy’). The logos are mostly associated by pairing the pioneer’s names phonetically to that of the host-band, but in certain circumstances (Einstein, Tesla vs Edison) the style was suited […]

Steampunk Motorcycle

Posted: 1st July 2011 by affehaus in cultural, design, riding, tech

The ARX-4 Steampunk, created by Mikhail Smolyanov. Powered by, if I understand correctly, half-a V8, split down the length.  The design was inspired by “racecars of 20’s equipped by airplane’s engines.” If there was a machine that took the distilled essence of ‘cool’, and manufactured things from that raw material…  the ARX-4 is what this […]

Invisibility Cloak

Posted: 16th June 2011 by 7ucyClark in geek stuff, tech

Metamaterials are ‘fabrics’, the weave of which is composed of structures smaller than the wavelength of light.  The upshot is that this material can bend light, effectively making a piece of metamaterial a swatch of Invisibility Cloak.  Except that no one had been able to create the material in any kind of usable area. ‘Til […]

Power Gauntlets

Posted: 6th June 2011 by affehaus in cultural, design, geek stuff, tech

But, really… power gauntlets.  They’re called ‘The Bodyguard‘.  Designed by David Brown, these armored-sleeve gloves house a hi-def video camera, a laser-sight for targeting the camera, a flashlight… and a high-voltage stunner.  Yes– they’re taser gloves. Electrodes on the back of the wrist deliver the voltage, activated by a trigger on the palm (seems foolproof […]

New Thing is Bike

Posted: 2nd May 2011 by affehaus in design, geek stuff, riding, tech, things I need

I’m not much of a road rider; basically the only time my tires see asphalt is if the trail has a road that crosses through. But I might be persuaded to compete with traffic if I had one of these. The Alpha has been designed by engineering students at the University of Pennsylvania, and the […]