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Well Then…

Posted: 16th November 2011 by affehaus in movies

It appears that Pixar is back on track. Which, given their latest release*, seems a poor choice of words… But the trailer for Brave (formerly The Bear and the Bow) is out, and… well, quite frankly, it’s fah-king fantastic. It truly does look like a return to form for the vaunted studio. The visuals are […]

Sheriff Woody’s Distant Ancestor

Posted: 21st October 2011 by affehaus in movies

The fellow in the black & white photograph is Hesketh Hesketh-Prichard, noted author, hunter and cricketer. So– finally we have the answer to that age-old question: What is Sheriff Woody’s full name? Woody Hesketh-Prichard Or, Wood-Prich, for short.

Obscure Visual Joke of the Day

Posted: 18th October 2011 by affehaus in games, geek stuff, humor, movies

a non-recurring feature at Jaded Monkey Bad fashion and geek humor in a clever car crash. via /Film

Part of a Nutritious Halloween Season

Posted: 17th October 2011 by affehaus in cultural, design, food stuffs, movies

The General Mills ‘monster’ cereals, rendered as the Universal Studios classic icons. by Jason Edmiston via Boing Boing

An Animated Short

Posted: 12th October 2011 by affehaus in humor, movies

named Bob. A tidy little allegory on pursuit, futility, and tunnel-vision. by Jacob Frey and co. at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg   via Neatorama

And Another Gallery Link…

Posted: 5th October 2011 by affehaus in design, movies, tv

In celebration of the almost-not-really-gosh, it-could-work news of the Arrested Development series/movie, BuzzFeed has assembled a gallery of fan art inspired by the series.

This is a Halloween costume.  For a woman who happens to be short, by one, the full complement of legs usually ascribed to a person. Give that woman a ‘major’ award. via Boing Boing

Teletubbies Have Always Weirded Me Out

Posted: 30th September 2011 by affehaus in design, humor, movies

And now I have a valid reason for it. artist unknown The Wiggles creep me out, too… but I think that’s pretty natural and needs no rationalization. via Geekosystem

Tom Selleck’s Mustache

Posted: 21st September 2011 by affehaus in geek stuff, humor, movies

Has a better agent than Tom Selleck. And it makes movies more interesting.  Or… differently interesting. Someone (Richard Sandling, maybe?) has integrated Mr. Selleck’s mustache onto several famous characters… and the results are mixed. Some, the facial hair isn’t all that conspicuous. Others? Well… Superman with a mustache presents a different image altogether. But then, […]

Godzilla’s Lid

Posted: 20th September 2011 by affehaus in design, geek stuff, movies, things I need

By Raven. The perfect headgear for stomping about cities on a cold day. As a precautionary measure, it should probably be packed with Mothra balls for any long-term storage. via So Geek Chic