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Posted: 9th August 2012 by affehaus in comics, cultural, design, food stuffs, geek stuff, humor, I made

Kicking the villainous John Volstead in the nuts since 1944

Inspired by the Olympics…

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breakfast foods, and entirely too much hot-sauce  

License to Binge!

Posted: 27th March 2012 by affehaus in food stuffs

According to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, “People who eat chocolate regularly tend to be thinner…” That’s where I stopped reading. It’s got to be true; I read it on the BBC News site. I think the British are genetically incapable of publishing fallacious or specious material. I eat chocolate pretty […]

Energy Drinks for Yiffies

Posted: 26th March 2012 by affehaus in cultural, food stuffs, tv

‘Cause walking around in those furry suits takes a lot out of you. Animals wearing make-up? Man… dat’s just wronnnnng. I don’t know when ‘furries’ became a target demographic for mainstream marketers, but I imagine that this ad struck a cord with everyone sharing that predilection. All I can say is “Erp”.


Posted: 16th March 2012 by affehaus in food stuffs, review

Today’s pie: key lime meringue (with decorative shamrock) Crust was good and golden and flaky and tasty. The meringue was light and sweet; an ethereal confection that contrasted nicely with the richness and tartness of the base layer. The limes– ten of the worthy fruits gave their lives to this endeavor– were farm born and […]

1 Vodka infused with naga chilies. From the product page: Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt Nose: Good crivvens, this stuff smells like pure evil, like the very blood of Satan himself. Such a pungent nose of chilli, it makes your eyes water just sniffing it. Palate: Oh, actually, this stuff’s not […]


Posted: 24th February 2012 by affehaus in food stuffs, review

Today’s Pie: ‘presidential’ cherry Crust was perfect; the blend of light, flaky and tender to which we’ve grown accustomed. It was also ‘shiny’; the Pie Master had washed it in egg white to give it a glazed appearance. Also of note was the prodigious size of the crenelated ridge; discernibly greater than normal, which was […]


Posted: 10th February 2012 by affehaus in food stuffs, review

Today’s pie: apple Crust was extraordinary; not sure as to the reason, but the color, texture and flavor of this pie shell were all superlative. Apples were wine-sap from the farm; they had a slight stay in cryo, but suffered no ill-effects from the condition. The flavor was strong (brought out ever more with the […]


Posted: 3rd February 2012 by affehaus in food stuffs, review

Today’s pie: Piña Colada Crust was perfect; wonderful flavor, excellent texture. The cheese base was creamy and light. It had a sweetness that was uncharacteristic of the Pie Master’s usual mixture, lacking the mild tartness that accompanies the citrus or strawberry cheese pies… but that was a good thing. A very subtle hint of rum […]

Speakeasy Preparedness Kit

Posted: 31st January 2012 by affehaus in design, food stuffs, humor, things I need

by design student Nick Dunlap. My line of work has never called for a briefcase… until now. Though, while the label is pretty slick, I think calling attention to the contents might be asking for trouble. And I’m not so much a wine enthusiast. But when the the tequila model comes out, I’m stocking up. […]