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Posted: 8th March 2013 by affehaus in comics, design, geek stuff, the List

I’ve been following Everett Downing’s 365 Super Heroes ever since they were featured on [a site that I can’t remember because it was so friken long ago… but he’s been featured on many, so I don’t feel bad], and I like both his work and the inspiration behind it. However, these past several days, Mr. […]

Steampunk Peanuts

Posted: 24th February 2013 by affehaus in comics, cultural, design, geek stuff, I made
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Dame Sally is a solitary figure. Once a woman of sunny and youthful disposition, she vested her affections upon a uniquely unreceptive, and in fact, rather callous and self-absorbed individual. Given her passionate nature, Sally threw all of her self into a fully-committed campaign to breach the unyielding facade of the Ascetic figure. However, the […]

logo contest

Posted: 9th January 2013 by affehaus in climbing, design, not a sports blog

Our [previously, and yet, soon to be] local climbing gym is having a contest, so they can replace their crappy* old logo with a “modern, fresh, timeless” version. Old logo:                       My idea:                         […]

Kristmas Krampus

Posted: 19th December 2012 by affehaus in design, I made

The Krampus Klaus.  Or, Santa Krampus, depending on the orientation. An Oracular Spinner, to determine the quality of one’s Christmas net. A majority of RED to the left of the arrows indicates the subject has been good, and will receive gifts for Christmas from Santa Claus. A majority of GREEN to the left of arrows […]

Galadriel Cops an Attitude

Posted: 6th November 2012 by affehaus in cultural, design, geek stuff, movies

The official New Line/MGM character poster for the royal Elf.  I’ve always perceived the elves as a little bit aloof, and just a tetch disdainful… but really, flipping off prospective movie patrons? That’s just downright hostile.

Steampunk Peanuts

Posted: 19th October 2012 by affehaus in comics, cultural, design, geek stuff, I made

Benjamin [last name unknown] Great of stature in both size and intellect, Benjamin was recognized early on as a prodigy. At the age of 4, he’d independently theorized the concept of a steam powered turbine. At 6, he developed a patent for the coal-fueled thinking engine. By the time he’d graduated from the St Paul […]

Angry Birds of the Comics World

Posted: 11th September 2012 by affehaus in comics, design, games, geek stuff, humor

Because, really, vigilantes and villains wouldn’t be doing what they do if they didn’t have some kind of anger issues.

Neat Trick

Posted: 11th September 2012 by affehaus in design, riding

…making a highway safety poster engaging and interesting.  Kudos to the Utah Highway Safety office for A. making the effort, and B. actually choosing a design that was clever. designed by Gary Sume

Velocity as a pretext

Posted: 10th September 2012 by affehaus in cultural, design, humor, I made

A prefix, I mean.

Steampunk Peanuts

Posted: 9th September 2012 by affehaus in comics, cultural, design, geek stuff, I made

Dr. Franklin In his youth, Franklin was a precocious lad. Initially, his interests were given to the arts, both verbal and visual; At an early age, Franklin had exhibited the ability to quote text the Bible; it’s noted that the Old Testament had been, in his formative years, to be a source of inspiration. Additionally, […]