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This is a Halloween costume.  For a woman who happens to be short, by one, the full complement of legs usually ascribed to a person. Give that woman a ‘major’ award. via Boing Boing

So, a while back I posted about a guy missing a toe, and he had this tattoo that was a note from the little piggy reading, “gone to market, be back soon…” It was clever, and mitigated the trauma of the missing digit by incorporating it into the body art. This is clever in the […]

Oddee has a post on the 12 Wackiest Foot Tattoos… Some of them are questionable (Bush, shoe laces); some really well done (Calvin & Hobbes); and at least one (CTA route map) is downright practical. But this one gets the prize for most clever/ironic. Even over the ‘camel toe’. found via Fashionably Geek