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George R. R. Martin: Comics Enthusiast

Posted: 20th January 2012 by affehaus in book, comics, cultural, geek stuff

From A Clash of Kings: “Behind the Lannisters came their great lords and captains. Their banners flared and flapped, a pagent of color: red ox and golden mountain, purple unicorn  and bantam rooster, brindled boar and badger, a silver ferret and a juggler in motley, stars and starbursts, peacock and panther, chevron and dagger, black […]

Proof That Beer Makes You Clever

Posted: 17th January 2012 by affehaus in book, design, humor

Milwaukee Public Library campaign to get people’s fingers off of keyboards and onto the corners of a page. via Neatorama

Codex Seraphinianus

Posted: 8th November 2011 by affehaus in book

apparently a notable book of enigmatic content… yet, one notoriously difficult to obtain. Now available at an interwebs near you. For free.

Psychological Torture for Fun & Profit!

Posted: 1st November 2011 by affehaus in book, cultural, things I need

The Extraordinary Catalog of Peculiar Inventions is a bit of a misleading title; the subject matter of this historical (hysterical?) reference concerns itself with the pranks that fraternal lodges would perpetrate upon prospective members (but the implements and paraphernalia used are, to be sure, peculiar). “At the beginning of the twentieth century, 40 percent of […]


Posted: 29th October 2011 by affehaus in book, I made, words

Who doesn’t like free? The illustrious Margaret Pyle, of A Month of Sundries, has been kind enough to collaborate with me on this All Hallow’s Read (in point of fact, that’s where I found out about the idea), and has fashioned for me an eBook of the Jackanapes story. Click the link to see her […]

Eat Of My [Brains]

Posted: 6th October 2011 by affehaus in book, geek stuff

I, and those in my social-circus circle have always been of the opinion that the truly devout are in fact zombies. Some times the appellation ‘zombie’ is metaphorical; sometimes… not so much.  I was, however, unaware that this was a widely held association until a friend of mine told me about Matt Mikalatos’ book, titled […]

Epic Time Kill

Posted: 6th October 2011 by affehaus in book, design

NPR has crafted a flowchart of go-to Sci-fi & Fantasy titles. It’s fun to follow, but it eats minutes like cheetos. via Geekologie

American Gods Inspired Art

Posted: 4th October 2011 by affehaus in book, design

John Straun, over at Super Punch, invited a bunch of artists to create works based on Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. The art is cool, and fun to look at… and I feel like the kid in school that laughs at the joke, but doesn’t really get it. [I, uh… I haven’t read the book yet]


Posted: 3rd October 2011 by affehaus in book, design, geek stuff, humor, I made

the sub-shop where the ‘foot long’ really has a foot in it. Sauron by affehaus, third of three in the Middle Earth fast food series –and, yes… I’m aware (now, after having done a search) that there’s a “Zombie, eat flesh” design available– but I came up with this “eat flesh” independently, so there.

Flame Broiled

Posted: 29th September 2011 by affehaus in book, design, food stuffs, geek stuff, humor, I made

is so much tastier than Flame Imperishable… BK, by affehaus