Chaotic. Neutral. Rogue.

Posted: 22nd April 2011 by 7ucyClark in geek stuff, miscellaneous

Each of these are fragrances that one can purchase from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs, should one feel so inclined.
I’m not sure why one would…
Chaotic is “a whirling mélange of multicolored musks with wasabi, rooibos, heliotrope, and mastic”, while Rogue is “soft, well-worn black leather, hemp, and rosin.” Ok– I guess that’s not too bad. But Dwarf & Hafling each seem a little more questionable, with “iron fillings” and “pastry crumbs”, respectively. And at $17.50 per 5ml bottle, that’s a dear dram.
But I can’t think of anywhere else you can shop to smell like a lawful-evil orc mage…
So bully to Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs for blazing trails into markets unknown.

found via Topless Robot

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