The Anatomy of Childhood Icons

Posted: 30th July 2011 by 7ucyClark in cultural, design, geek stuff, the List

Jason Freeny is a an artist with some interesting perspectives. His style looks a bit like a mix of Robert Williams and Ed Roth (heavy on the Williams).

The recurring theme with his work is that he doesn’t restrict himself to the project’s surface; in a great many pieces, both drawing and sculpture, Freeny describes the subject’s interior with graphic detail.
The funny thing is– for me, at least– with the characters so displayed, it almost gives them greater substance; the anatomical breakdown makes it seem as if they could exist as biological entities.
And I wants me a Raving Rabbid.
By the way… Mr. Freeny? Welcome to the List.

thanks to the Girl in the Yellow Hat for the link

Side note: I was going to title this post Grim’s Anatomy, (pun on Gray’s– but you knew that)… but it occurred to me that the text book’s significance in the collective cultural awareness may well have been eclipsed by the TV program. I did a googles search in effort to determine… and even with the proper spelling, Grey’s Anatomy comes up as the first 4 results.
I find that discouraging.

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