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Oh, Look…

Posted: 16th December 2011 by affehaus in humor

My envy and petulance at other people’s abilities have manifested themselves into easy-to-read panel form. Written by someone else, naturally. Wondermark Bully for you, Mr Malki.  Now get the fuck out of my head.


Posted: 16th December 2011 by affehaus in food stuffs, review

Today’s Pie: cherry-cheese The crust was the more conventional half butter/half lard (apparently, the peanut oil variation had mixed results, depending on the filling the crust enveloped). The crust was perfect, as expected. The cherries that topped the pie were store-bought; a variety from Chile. They were enormous. It was very impressive in appearance… the […]

Fun With Still Life

Posted: 15th December 2011 by affehaus in design, food stuffs, humor

Artist Terry Border takes mundane objects and shows us that even inanimate objects can have nightmares and anxieties. Thanks, Terry!  It’s good to know that I might be putting my breakfast out of it’s misery (even though I’m now terrified of my lunch). more after the jump…


Posted: 9th December 2011 by affehaus in food stuffs, review

jaded monkey is currently on location in Florida doing some important research/recreation. In the meantime, She Who Shall Not Be Named is the official Pie-day correspondent. And, so… without further preamble: Today’s pie: lemon meringue Crust had peanut oil, rather than the traditional lard shortening. The crust with peanut oil was actually good– good flavor […]

Scratch-Built Carbon Fiber Violin

Posted: 7th December 2011 by affehaus in design, music, tech, things I need

From the How-to post at Boing Boing As to the ‘how-to’– quite frankly, I don’t really care. I just like the idea. And, I suppose it would be kind of cool to have one, just for appearance sake… but not cool enough for me to go to the effort of crafting it. So somebody buy/make […]

Sci Fi Channel Has Been Sniffing Glue

Posted: 6th December 2011 by affehaus in tv

“Imagine Greater” is their current slogan. I can’t help but think that should read, ‘Imagine Grammar’. It was bad when they forsook the natural spelling of the genre that gives them their identity, and ‘streeted’ it up into what looks like (I realize I’m not the first to observe this; I don’t care) short-hand for […]

Seasonal Cards

Posted: 6th December 2011 by affehaus in cultural, design, geek stuff, humor

from Merry Cthulhu Christmas Gift of the Zombi I’m not prone to giving out cards for the ‘olidays; part of it is I’d rather apply whatever expense the cards would require to a gift… but part is also because I’m just damned lazy, so even if I had Scrooge McDuck kind of money, I […]


Posted: 2nd December 2011 by affehaus in food stuffs, review

Today’s pie: pear crumb with caramel sauce The crust was light and flaky, and had a fine flavor.  The ‘wall’ portion of the crust, when the pie was cut into pieces, did have a tendency to fall away from the pie, however.  Not sure what caused that. The pears in the filling came from the […]

Zombie Attack Barbie

Posted: 1st December 2011 by affehaus in Uncategorized

With pink camo for the blending-in at Wegman’s floral department. by Sarah Anne Langton The decomposing head Ken is a nice touch. I think that a Zombie Attack G.I. Joe would have been gratuitous prior to the appearance of this… but now I think it needs to happen; along with gore splattered wedding wardrobe for […]

Being the generous person that Lucy is, she brought for me a coffee after she’d stopped at the local Starbucks. I’m not a regular patron myself, but I do enjoy a tasty latte. However, I couldn’t help but notice one of the images they’ve chosen to use in decorating their holiday cups.