Posted: 18th March 2011 by 7ucyClark in Uncategorized

Slainte Patty’s Day. wahoo
Spent with Lucy at the Smith’s (huzzah for the key lime pie) and then reposed with a bot’l of Bushmills. Later we hoofed it on over to the Souris Saloon, the Green Turtle, and the Kent Lounge [of late, an ‘Irish pub’ (disdainful quotes)]. Pub crawl with a brogue.
And now we sit listening to the DKM, Pogues, and Flogging Molly. That makes us either enthusiasts, or pretenders. Lucy has more of a claim than I do… she’s, I believe, an 1/8 mic. I’m just muddy-euro.
I’ve made a promise to myself not to post while I’m under the influence… but I think we all get a pass on the day of a saint, right? Wait… aren’t they all saint’s days?

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