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I’ve been following Everett Downing’s 365 Super Heroes ever since they were featured on [a site that I can’t remember because it was so friken long ago… but he’s been featured on many, so I don’t feel bad], and I like both his work and the inspiration behind it.
However, these past several days, Mr. Scribbles has spoken to me on a personal level.



















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Steampunk Peanuts

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Sally Brown

The Dame Sally Brown

Dame Sally is a solitary figure. Once a woman of sunny and youthful disposition, she vested her affections upon a uniquely unreceptive, and in fact, rather callous and self-absorbed individual. Given her passionate nature, Sally threw all of her self into a fully-committed campaign to breach the unyielding facade of the Ascetic figure. However, the continual and unsympathetic rebuffing caused Sally Brown to withdrawal from society at large. She quickly became a recluse, seeking solace in the immutable reliability of inanimate objects. Over time, she came to regard elements of architecture with a special fondness.

One of the more curious stories surrounding the Dame Brown is the idea that she’s able to manipulate the inanimate objects to which she has dedicated her affections. Most discredit this notion as the result of a combination of coincidence and exaggeration, but many notable luminaries support the claims. In fact, it is the belief of the Doctor Van Pelt that the abusively passive/aggressive repudiation of her fellow that caused Dame Brown’s total personality-inversion had the additional result of sublimating whatever ‘skills’ the she might possess

Dame Brown was rewarded the Order of the Empire for deeds that aided domestic defense against the enemy. Her works have been highly classified, but it’s said that without her efforts, Greater St. Paul would have fallen under the Hun’s attacks.
She currently lives in an abandoned schoolhouse, in spite of her political status and familial relations.

New Thing for Bike

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The Ultimate Accessory for ‘Bicycle Chicken’!
Taylor Simpson has crafted MONIKER from authentic deer antlers and recycled metal.  I love product that fulfills both form and function.  Cars and pedestrians (those not buried in cell phones) would be a little less inclined to crowd a cyclist that can cause some serious goring.

I would SO put these on my roadbike.  The only liability I see is territorial; if I encounter a similarly endowed bike, I suspect there might occur an incident.


via Neatorama

I’ve always wanted a bicycle with nice rack

Great Scott!

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The resemblance between Otto Klemperer and Doc brown is, to me, remarkable, especially considering that Otto Klemperer is a physicist. Just, not this Klemperer. The photo is of his cousin, the composer.
Curious, though. One can almost hear “1.21 gigawatts” erupting from his lips.

logo contest

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Our [previously, and yet, soon to be] local climbing gym is having a contest, so they can replace their crappy* old logo with a “modern, fresh, timeless” version.

Old logo:












My idea:















maybe not ‘modern’, per se, but it’s as fresh and timeless as vacuum packed pig-snot.



*well… I guess it’s not really that bad. I’m just in a sour mood.
But it ain’t great.


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Is this really something that children are clamoring for?  Is this something that anyone would want?
I certainly don’t object to Playmobile marketing it, but it boggles my tiny little mind that it seemed like a good idea.
I’d want this right after I got the ‘I-95 at rush-hour clover leaf’, and the ‘proctological exam play-set’.  Aren’t toys supposed to represent the activities that we’d like to do in real-life, but can’t?
And, is it my imagination, or do the operator & guard look like SS officers?

At Amazon; page says currently unavailable, so I perhaps there is a market for it.  Perhaps for the budding control freak or voyeur?  I don’t think Playmobile figures have cavities to search…

Really, if this were April?  It would be funny.
But it’s not, so it’s just… weird.


via Laughing Squid

Kristmas Krampus

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The Krampus Klaus.  Or, Santa Krampus, depending on the orientation.

An Oracular Spinner, to determine the quality of one’s Christmas net.

Santa Krampus

Krampus Klaus

A majority of RED to the left of the arrows indicates the subject has been good, and will receive gifts for Christmas from Santa Claus.
A majority of GREEN to the left of arrows indicates the subject has been naughty, and will receive beatings, or a kidnapping from Krampus.

If the spinner lands even, the gifts will be delivered, but the subject will be abused and ‘disappeared’.
Happy Holidays.

Galadriel Cops an Attitude

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The official New Line/MGM character poster for the royal Elf.  I’ve always perceived the elves as a little bit aloof, and just a tetch disdainful… but really, flipping off prospective movie patrons? That’s just downright hostile.

Steampunk Peanuts

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Benjamin [last name unknown]

Big Ben

Great of stature in both size and intellect, Benjamin was recognized early on as a prodigy.
At the age of 4, he’d independently theorized the concept of a steam powered turbine.
At 6, he developed a patent for the coal-fueled thinking engine.
By the time he’d graduated from the St Paul Institute of Technology (slogan: if you didn’t graduate from St Paul Institute of Technology, you don’t know S.P.I.T.), Benjamin was being courted by all the prestigious industrial concerns around the globe, yet he elected to remain close to home, taking the position of chief engineer at the Brick Wall munitions factory.
A gifted technician with a passion for precision, Benjamin was able to arrange components into spaces that appeared to defy physics. As such, he has a lucrative trade as a freelance contractor. It is his workshop that Dr. Franklin contracted to fabricate Ms. Reichardt’s prosthetic arm.
As work accumulated, Benjamin relocated his offices into the boiler room, so as to be closer to his craft. As a lark, one of his colleagues stenciled his epithet, Big Ben, over his door. Over time, portions of the sign became obscured, and the only visible segments suggested the moniker “Pig Pen”.  As a result of his focus on work and the sooty nature of his environment, the new nickname eventually displaced the original.
One associate had been heard to remark, regarding the clouds of particulate that perpetually accompany Benjamin, that ‘he carries with him “the dust of ancient civilizations”’.

Angry Birds of the Comics World

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Because, really, vigilantes and villains wouldn’t be doing what they do if they didn’t have some kind of anger issues.